[Tinyos-help] Recieving packets through Base station

Merve Evran merveevran at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 17:04:15 PDT 2005

Does anyone know how the base station works for recieving packets from another mote through radio ? What gets changed  in  the packet bytes after they are sent or recieved by the base station? 

They somehow got corrupted for my program. I did not use TOSBase but used XMTS310M instead and sent a specific packet but when i used the "listen" program i saw that this specific packet got corrupted when mote 2 or 1 is sending them back to the base station. They do the other tasks fine but just for this "command" the packet that is being sent back to the base station has a problem. How can I recieve packets (to the base station) from other motes ?


Thank you


Merve Evran

Merve Evran
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