[Tinyos-help] TOSBase mote serial communication - "write failed" with SimpleCmd

Gina Upperman upperman at rice.edu
Thu Sep 29 13:19:33 PDT 2005

I'm having some trouble getting this to work: Lesson 7 of the tutorial says
to use TOSBase on a mote connected directly to the pc thru the programming
board, and SimpleCmd on another mote that will wirelessly communicate to the
pc thru the wireless TOSBase mote.
So, I'm using the SerialForwarder application in
and then running the BcastInject application in
I assume the tutorial is simply out of date, by saying that one of the
parameters to BcastInject is <group_id>, because my copy of the java code
doesn't allow for this option, as per the usage msg:
    public static void usage() {
               System.err.println("Usage: java
                                                 " <command> [arguments]");
               System.err.println("\twhere <command> and [arguments] can be
of the following:");
               // ... elided
When I have SerialForwarder running and then call led_on thru the
BcastInject app, the serialforwarder complains "write failed."
I double-checked the connection, and tried toggling the Enable/Disable mote
switch as suggested in the help-list archives.  Any other ideas?
Thank you,
Gina Upperman


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