[Tinyos-help] 76.8kBaud datarate on mica2dot

motedev at s86940016.onlinehome.us motedev at s86940016.onlinehome.us
Tue Sep 27 11:32:01 PDT 2005

I am trying to get the mica2dot and mica2 (mica2dot preferably) to work
with a 76.8 Kbaud datarate.  So far in my applications, I am using
SODebug to see exactly which message is received and to see if it is
good or bad and the line "HPLCC1000.write(CC1K_MODEM0, 0x57)" to set
the data rate to 19.2 kBaud with manchester encoding and everything
works fine.  I also can successfully set it to 38.4 kBaud and anything
below 19.2kBaud.  Everything works great except when I initialize my
sender and receiver with the line "HPLCC1000.write(CC1K_MODEM0, 0x54)"
which is 76.8 kBaud with manchester or the 
corresponding command with NRZ coding, I get a ton of missed and bad

Does anybody know how to get a mica2dot to transmit and receive
correctly at a datarate greater then 38.4 KBaud?  Could the issue be
the uart of a mica2dot not being able to keep up?  Any help is greatly

Fred Chang

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