[Tinyos-help] What is a TinyOS's executable file format?

Robert Szewczyk szewczyk at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 12:24:19 PDT 2005

TinyOS programs executing on a sensor node consist of  the .text and
.data sections of the executable.   There is no dynamic linking, and
loading is performed by an external program (UISP or msp430-bsl).  
The programs that perform the loading of the program to the mote
understand the SREC and IHEX formats -- basically these contain the
data of the form address, length, and data.   The srec or ihex files
are produced from executables outputted by the compiler: on a majority
of platforms (AVR-based and MSP430-based platforms using GCC-derived
compilers) the executable will be in ELF format.  In some cases (IIRC
if you want to debug an AVR-based mote using Atmel tools) you may need
a COFF exectable, several translation options exist in that space.



On 9/26/05, 임지수 <jslim at sslab.kaist.ac.kr> wrote:
> Executable file format of systems such as Linux is ELF( executable and
> linkable format).
> So, what  is a TinyOS's executable file format?
> I read that "a tinyOS is stored as an SREC file after it is compiled and the
> SREC file is a text representation of the binary program code." So, what
> executable file format does TinyOS use for the binary program code in SREC
> file?
> I can't find this, anywhere.
> Thank you for reading this question.
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