[Tinyos-help] UART & Radio Simultaneously

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Fri Sep 23 13:53:41 PDT 2005

GenericComm shares a bunch of code between UART and Radio so you
can't overlap access to both. You should wait for a sendDone() from
one port before trying to send on another, i.e., do the send from
sendDone. I believe you can get independent access to both by digging
deeper into the GenericComm module stack...


Giang Nguyen wrote:
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>     From: Amit Panchal < panchal_amit21 at yahoo.com
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>     Subject: [Tinyos-help] UART & Radio Simultaneously
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>     Hi
>     I  have an application running on a micaz mote, in which the mote
>     receives UART messages from another device and sends the same
>     messages through the radio. Now i am facing a problem with this
>             As soon as the UART communication starts it kills the
>     radio  communication, the mote which is receiving the the UART
>     message is able to send the message ( I know this because i have set
>     an LED to toggle as soon as it sends any message in the radio
>     message's sendoDone event), i dont know why this is happening.
>                           I have used the GenericComm component to
>     provide for the radio communication and UARTNoCRCPacket for the UART
>     communication. So i guess the radio and the uart stack are different
>     and they shouldnt mess with each other but i dont know what's wrong.
>     Before introducing the radio part it was receiving the UART messages
>     fine. Please help me regarding this.
>     Thanks
>     Amit Panchal
> i believe that when the microcontroller is busy with UART communication, 
> it will not be able to process incoming radio packets.
> i had a similar problem when using TOSBase: i was trying to send packets 
> as fast as possible, and if the TOSBase does UART forwarding, its 
> reception rate is lower than when it does not not do UART forwarding. 
> so, in order to see the received packets, i have to save them , and 
> forward UART at a later time.
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