[Tinyos-help] Need help in compilation for mica2

aalarifi at ecs.syr.edu aalarifi at ecs.syr.edu
Fri Sep 23 09:36:32 PDT 2005

  I have compiled blink application in tinyOS for mica2. I got app.c, 
main.exe, and main.srec.
My questions are:
1- what are difference between main.exe and main.srec, and which one of them 
is the one that we upload to mica2 sensor node.
2- I want to know how compile app.c directly to main.exe and main.srec for 
mica2 assuming that I have only the app.c.
3- Is there any way to generate assembly code for this application for mica2. 
and if yes , please tell me how to do it. Also since I need to do some changes 
for the assembly code, how can I compile or assemble the assembly code to 
generate the target file which will be uploaded to mica2 sensor node.

Best regards,

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