[Tinyos-help] UART0 on TMoteSky

alexryu at tin.it alexryu at tin.it
Fri Sep 23 05:38:09 PDT 2005

Hi, i need to write a mote software to make a messages bridge from 
radio to uart0 (that is in TMote expansion pins) and from uart0 to 
The radio bus and uart0 bus are shared,so when i hear on the 
radio, i can't hear any
msg from uart0. I can't know at what time i 
have an rx interrupt on uart0!

In tiny-os help i find an event named:

I tought to assign the bus to rx uart0 
only when i have a pending interrupt, but this function never return 
Can anyone help me to  find a way to know  when i have any 
request on uart0,so i can assign it the bus properly to recive data?
greetings for anyone.

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