[Tinyos-help] Strange Messages

Ben Lau benlau at ust.hk
Fri Sep 23 07:34:34 PDT 2005

Hi Luca,

    I have a similiar problem like yours in my Debian sid machine. I 
found that for kernel headers >= 2.6.9 changed the macro offsetof() from 
a generic calculation method to a compiler specific function 
__builtin_offsetof().  It is not recognitized by nesc. 

   To solve it in the simplest (and dirty) way, you may change the 
stddef.h to use back the old offsetof() macro. Or build another native 
toolchains by crosstools.

   The last method I would recommend is: rebuild your nesc with my patch 
attached below. ;)

p.s. It is tested with nesc-1.1.2b.

Luca Pizziniaco wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Today, after a long time, i try to complile an application. I did the 
> classical make pc and the result is the follow:
> in file included from /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/platform/pc/packet_sim.h:55,
>                  from /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/platform/pc/nido.h:81,
>                  from /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/platform/pc/hardware.h:43,
>                  from /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/system/tos.h:144:
> /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h:155: parse error before `struct'
> /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h:156: parse error before `struct'
> /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h:158: parse error before `struct'
> /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h: In function `TOS_MsgLength':
> /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/types/AM.h:186: parse error before `TOS_Msg'
> ...
> In the last compile session(before summer) all sounds good but now. In 
> effect, i have upgraded an updated linux (debian sarge) but i think 
> that is no a problem, is it true? So i've tried to reinstall the old 
> package, but nothing! :(
> Thanx to all
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