[Tinyos-help] Note about motelist and perl

Matt Miller mjmille2 at crhc.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 21 14:50:36 PDT 2005

This is something I discovered trying to run the
tools/src/motelist/motelist-linux script with a Telos Mote attached to
my USB port.  The regular expression:

($text =~ m/([^\s=]+)=\s*(.*?\S)\s*(?=[^\s=]+=|$)/mg)

in the parse_usb_devices_text function does not work correctly with
older versions of Perl (e.g., I was using RedHat 9 which has v.
5.8.0).  It will return null rather than 1, so the script fails.  I
grabbed a RPM from this site:


that gave me Perl v. 5.8.7 and the script works fine.

The documentation maintainers might want to make note of this for
others attempting to use the script and/or change the regular
expression to be backwards compatible with older versions of Perl.


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