[Tinyos-help] ReceiveMsg and preemption on telos

Andrea Pacini pacionet at email.it
Wed Sep 21 17:18:38 PDT 2005

In what cases (not due to channel errors or mutliple transmission ) a packet can be loss ?
In my case I have the same identical code that run on two tmote (telos) which has the following simple structure :

// CPU intensive TASK
// SEND message 

(and a receivemsg event is present to handle packet arrives).

Running them it seems that if we start the two motes roughly at the same time all works, but if we start with some seconds of difference the first mote that runs SEND message sends a message but this message is never received by the second mote (maybe because is doing a CPU intensive task or because there is no preemption in some cases ?)
Is it possible that this lack of synchronization cause packet loss or whatever the second mote is doing it always should receive the message ? (I am sure that in my case the packet was lost)

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