[Tinyos-help] External flash unresponsive after GoldenImage (Deluge1.0)

Jonathan Hui jonhui at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 08:54:29 PDT 2005

Calling StdControl.stop on the CC2420 will also disable SPI mode on
the USART0 module. Thus, the external flash will become unresponsive.

Jonathan W. Hui
jwhui at cs.berkeley.edu

On 9/11/05, Stephen Chao <stephenc.chao at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>       Some of my Mica2 motes have become hadicapped after being programmed
> with and rebooted to GoldenImage. What I mean by handicapped is that they
> still function with basic apps such as Blink, but seem to have trouble with
> programs that require the use of external flash. For example, running
> Deluge2.0's FormatFlash leaves the red LED on now, whereas before, the green
> LED would light up a second or two after programming. As for reinstalling
> GoldenImage again, it seems to skip the
> copying-itself-to-external-flash part (no blinking of the
> yellow and green indicating copying), and instead does a normal startup and
> goes quiet afterwards.
>       I can't quite pinpoint what exactly causes this; it's happened to 3
> out of 20 motes I've reprogrammed over a span of 2 hours, and I'm somewhat
> worried that the remaining 17 might face the same fate. Any suggestions as
> to the source of the problem would be appreciated; methods for resetting the
> memory or the entire mote to factory settings are also welcome.
>  Stephen Chao
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