[Tinyos-help] Please help: Flash error

Kristin Wright l.kristin.wright at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 16:37:50 PDT 2005

When you upgraded, I'm wondering if your previous MAKERULES definition
was changed. It sounds as if you checked that already, but I'd
double-check for a typo in the variable name or definition.

The make system does not do the flash verification step which issues
these warnings if using a 510. So the good news is that the problem is
that the fact that you're using a MIB510 is not being properly
recognized by the make system -- there's nothing wrong with your
hardware. If you can figure out why the make system is not recognizing
your mib510 settings, your problem will be solved.


On 9/20/05, raj raj <rajtos at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have posted a problem (Flash error while installing
> application) before. Since I have not got any reply, I
> would like to make a request to please tell me where
> is the problem. Below is my previous posting:
>  I use MIB510 programming board and mica2 motes.
> Initially I had installed version 1.1.0 of tinyos.
> When I used the following command to install any
> application
> make mica2 install.1 MIB510=COM1
> I got the follwing error
> ...
> Verifying: flash
> flash error at address 0x500: file=0x80, mem=0xff
> flash error at address 0x501: file=0x93, mem=0xff
> I took help of FAQ on tinyos site. With that I got rid
> of the Flash error problem.
> Next I upgraded tinyos to 1.1.14. Now I get the same
> Flash error problem. This time the technique given in
> FAQ does not work. I have tried other ways described
> in
> http://www2.ece.jhu.edu/faculty/andreou/498/ToolsAndLabInfo/MICA_Motes/How2Start.htm
> but they also dont work. I have spent hours on this.
> Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of this
> Flash error problem?
> Thank you
> raj
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