[Tinyos-help] TOSBase + Deluge = Mess?

Craig Pitches CPitches at rlwinc.com
Mon Sep 19 12:01:51 PDT 2005

Hi All:


I probably did something very stoopid by wiring Deluge into TOSBase. It
doesn't appear to work as one might hope in blissful ignorance. In fact
it doesn't appear to work at all. It does generate a lot of LED and
Radio message activity.


I was hoping to get a Deluge enabled TOSBase station such that it could
maintain the network programming image and propogate it to sensors that
are awake for very short periods of time.


I'm sure my problem is due to ignorance. 


Should this work? Or do I need to take another approach?





My challenge is developing a set of sensors that will have very little
available power. They will sleep a lot and when they are awake they will
not be awake for more than 30 or so seconds. Also, there is no
coordination among the sensors about when to wake up.


The network topology will be a star. The concept has been to use a
TOSBase module as the hub of the network. 


My thought has been to use Deluge to re-program the nodes when required.
Since the likelihood of sleeping nodes being able to reprogram each
other seems remote, I was thinking that to have Deluge operational on
the TOSBase node, which is line powered may be a way to accommodate the







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