[Tinyos-help] TOSSIM Issue

Philip Levis pal at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Sep 18 17:21:21 PDT 2005

On Sep 18, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Brett Parsons wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm having an issue with running my simulation in TOSSIM (TinyOS  
> version 1.1.14) and I'm really hoping someone can help me out.
> I'm doing a very simple experiment with the network topology shown  
> below (in the picture):

Check the archives. Someone had a very similar problem a few weeks  
ago. The simple answer: chances are that the packet from 4 to 3 is  
colliding with another packet from 0, depending on the timing (mote  
boot times are randomly seeded, explaining your nondeterminism).

Error-free links are not the same thing as lossless communication.


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