[Tinyos-help] Power issues using xbow's mesh=XP on 433 mica2 platform

Abraham Chan abrahamchan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 12:03:47 PDT 2005


I actually have a related question I've been meaning to ask regarding the 
various types of MultiHop engines.

I've taken a look at the code between the ReliableRoute_Low_Power and XMesh. 
Everything seems pretty much the same.

What I would like to know is how Low_Power actually gets down to 1mA whereas 
XMesh will still use 26mA. What have I overlooked?



On 9/17/05, Mike Magee <mmagee at remtrol.com> wrote:
> I am writing a program for 433 mica2 motes and I am having problems with
> the various MultiHop and CC1000 choices available from xbow.
> Using the non-xbow code in tos/lib/Route and tos/platform/mica2 my
> program will not work. I only get a range of about 10'.
> Using mesh=HP the code in contrib/xbow/tos/CC1000RadioAck and
> xbow/tos/lib/ReliableRoute is used. I get a range of about 350', the
> latency of a round trip message is around 55 ms, but the device runs at
> about 26 mA.
> Using mesh=LPL uses the code in xbow/tos/CC1000RadioPulse and
> xbow/tos/lib/ReliableRoute_Low_Power. I get fair connectivity for a
> while at ranges over 300', but because the latency drifts from 280 ms to
> much higher (sometimes over 1s or more) my application eventually stops
> working. Our device uses less than 1 mA with LPL, which is ideal.
> Using mesh=LP is much like LPL but connectivity is much poorer, even at
> close range we see only a fraction of the packets.
> Using mesh=XP uses the code in xbow/tos/XStack, xbow/tos/lib/XMesh and
> the TimeSync code that LP uses. This variation gets out to barely 300'
> (good enough for us), has a low latency around 55ms, but isn't low
> power. It draws at 27mA just like the high power options.
> So what we need is XMesh to be low power, or the low power stuff to be
> faster. Anyone have any ideas?
> Mike Magee
> Remtrol Inc.
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