[Tinyos-help] experiences with tMote connect devices

Robert Szewczyk szewczyk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 11:34:28 PDT 2005


As it turns out, TmoteConnect does not handle properly the IHEX files with 
DOS-style end-of-line characters (CR/LF). The fix to the problem has been 
incorporated into the netbsl script on Sourceforge; if you're running a 
TinyOS tree from CVS, running 

cvs update 

in tinyos-1.x/tools/make

Otherwise, you can download the netbsl from 

It should be available there as soon as SourceForge synchronizes the 
anonymous CVS with the development (usually less than a day).



On 9/15/05, nic <nicholas.d.lane at dartmouth.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking at the tMote Connect device by moteiv. I'm looking for 
> people
> with experience with this or similar devices that maybe able to help with 
> this
> problem. One of the functions it provides is remote reprogramming of the
> connected tMotes. For some reason while small apps like Blink can be 
> deployed
> fine just as the documentation suggest other apps return a error string 
> of:
> Bad File Format
> from the makefile. Directly after the line:
> installing telosb binary using netbsl (without mass erase)
> /home/niclane/tinyos-1.x/tools/make/msp/netbsl<>
> build/telosb/main.ihex.out-70 --telosb -r -I -p
> when this command is used:
> make tmote reinstall,70 netbsl,<>
> When I tried to trace the error in the makefile I think it is caused by 
> the
> /tinyos-1.x/tools/make/msp/netbsl script in the line:
> else
> (echo msp430-bsl "$@"; cat "$FILE"; echo) | /usr/bin/nc $HOST $PORT
> But when I look at the script msp430-bsl (which is in reality bsl.py) I 
> can't
> find the error message "Bad File Format" and if I run the ihex output 
> generated
> that is reported as having the "Bad File Format" locally it deploys fine.
> Further if I generate an ihex file using typical make process to deploy on 
> a
> locally connected tMote and try and pass this to the remote tmote connect 
> box I
> get the same "bad file format" error. I notice in the bsl.py script there 
> is
> some format checking which returns an error message that is similar but 
> not the
> same. I'm wondering if the same error stage is being caught on the script 
> on the
> tmote connect box but the script they are using has been customized by 
> moteiv
> for performance or other issues.
> Additionally if I just try deploying Blink but wiring in another component 
> such
> that the size of the resulting ihex is increased I get the same error 
> message
> of Bad File Format. The size of the app though is still trivally small.
> Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer,
> Nic
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