[Tinyos-help] Power issues using xbow's mesh=XP on 433 mica2 platform

Mike Magee mmagee at remtrol.com
Fri Sep 16 10:40:41 PDT 2005

I am writing a program for 433 mica2 motes and I am having problems with
the various MultiHop and CC1000 choices available from xbow.

Using the non-xbow code in tos/lib/Route and tos/platform/mica2 my
program will not work.  I only get a range of about 10'.

Using mesh=HP the code in contrib/xbow/tos/CC1000RadioAck and
xbow/tos/lib/ReliableRoute is used.  I get a range of about 350', the
latency of a round trip message is around 55 ms, but the device runs at
about 26 mA.

Using mesh=LPL uses the code in xbow/tos/CC1000RadioPulse and
xbow/tos/lib/ReliableRoute_Low_Power.  I get fair connectivity for a
while at ranges over 300', but because the latency drifts from 280 ms to
much higher (sometimes over 1s or more) my application eventually stops
working.  Our device uses less than 1 mA with LPL, which is ideal.

Using mesh=LP is much like LPL but connectivity is much poorer, even at
close range we see only a fraction of the packets.

Using mesh=XP uses the code in xbow/tos/XStack, xbow/tos/lib/XMesh and
the TimeSync code that LP uses.  This variation gets out to barely 300'
(good enough for us), has a low latency around 55ms, but isn't low
power.  It draws at 27mA just like the high power options.

So what we need is XMesh to be low power, or the low power stuff to be
faster.  Anyone have any ideas?

Mike Magee
Remtrol Inc.

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