[Tinyos-help] RSSI register in CC2420

Abraham Chan abrahamchan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:27:14 PDT 2005

Hi all

I have been trying to get the CCA pin to go low due to a busy channel, but 
have been unsuccessful.

I have discovered that the value in the RSSI.RSSI_VAL is -128 and according 
to the CC2420 datasheet, this value is invalid. This could possibly be the 
reason that CCA never goes low, since CCA is determined by this value and 
the CCA_THRESHOLD value. I've even tried setting the THRESHOLD to -128 but 
it still doesn't seem to trigger.

I was just wondering if there is something wrong with the CC2420 radio code? 
or any way I can get this value to change?


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