[Tinyos-help] Modification of MicroTimerM.nc in micaz mote

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Is a signal directly from the interrupt vector of the AVR.  

This is provided by the support libraries of avr-gcc (include/avr/io128.h).

TinyOS basically captures this and signals an async event.


Regarding Timer1 --> Timer3 code, yes, they are both 16-bit timers, so
controlling them is very similar.  The current model in TinyOS 1.x is to
duplicate similar code and give it a new name (MicroTimer3M.nc).  You see
this in HPLUART0, HPLUART1,...  


TinyOS 2.x will take a new approach - and gets you out of assembly and into
C registers - a real joy that only requires nesC 1.2 to be installed.



Martin Turon  |  Crossbow Technology, Inc.


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Hi all,


I would like to know the purpose of this function  line found at the end of
MicroTimerM.nc. I found the definition of TOSH_SIGNAL function in
avrhardware.h but I did not understand what the purpose of this line because
I dont have prior knowledge on microcontroller programming on avr hardware.


   signal MicroTimerM.fired();



I have already used MicroTimerM.nc on mica2 mote but I knew that If I use
this module on micaZ mote, there is a conflict on Timer1. I need to chage
Timer1 to Timer3 because micaz CC2420 Radio uses Timer1 and Timer2. I would
like to know the above line in this file also related to Timer1? if related,
what changes I still need to make?


Is it OK to change the name of registers of Timer1 to Timer3 in
MicroTimerM.nc module? I plan to make changes in the following lines of this
module with name of registers from Timer3.  I also added my changes to the
right side of each line or after ----------. 



  outp(0, TCCR1A);     -------  TCCR1A -> TCCR3A
#if defined(PLATFORM_MICA2) || defined(PLATFORM_MICA2DOT)
#define CTC1 WGM12


#if defined(PLATFORM_MICAZ)

#define CTC1 WGM32


    outp(prescaler | 1 << CTC1, TCCR1B); // set prescaler  and overflow
value  ----- TCCR1B->TCCR3B
    outp(overflow >> 8, OCR1AH); ---- OCR3AH -> OCR3BH
    outp(overflow, OCR1AL);  ----- OCR1AL -> OCR3AL
    outp(0, TCNT1H);  // reset timer ---- TCNT1H -> TCNT3H
    outp(0, TCNT1L);                  -------- TCNT1L -> TCNT3H
    sbi(TIFR, OCF1A);  // clear pending interrupt  ------ sbi(ETIFR, OCF3A)
    sbi(TIMSK, OCIE1A);  // enable overflow A interrupt
------------sbi(ETIMSK, OCIE3A)

    return SUCCESS;

  async command result_t MicroTimer.stop() {
    result_t ok = FAIL;

      if (running)
   cbi(TIMSK, OCIE1A); // disable overflow A interrupt
----------cbi(ETIMSK, OCIE3A)
   sbi(TIFR, OCF1A); // clear pending interrupt
----------------------sbi(ETIFR, OCF3A)
   running = FALSE;
   ok = SUCCESS;



Thanks in advance for your help





Aung Aung Phyo Wai 

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