[Tinyos-help] relation between operation frequency and transmission bandwidth

#AUNG AUNG PHYO WAI# aung2phyowai at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Wed Sep 14 00:22:55 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I would like to make sure that If I tune the micaz radio frequency to 916 MHz band instead of 2.4 GHz band, what is the radio transmission rate? Is it still the same (250 kbps) or reduce to 38.4 kbps? 
Can I also adjust the transmission rate of UART? Currently, I am using 57600 bauds. If I increase the UART transmission rate, is it possible to increase the performance of communcation between PC and motes?
In our setup, I would like to use 16 motes to collect data and send to the TOSBase at the same time and this operation run continuously about 1 -2 hours without any intervention. 
Aung Aung Phyo Wai 
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