[Tinyos-help] what fuse bits for mica2

Mark Calder m.calder at crcmining.com.au
Tue Sep 13 17:25:07 PDT 2005

Is this the right fuse bits for a mica2 and jtag debugging?

AVaRICE version 2.3, Sep 13 2005 16:12:45

Defaulting JTAG bitrate to 1 MHz. Make sure that the target
frequency is at least 4 MHz or you will likely encounter failures
controlling the target.

JTAG config starting.
Hardware Version: 0xce
Software Version: 0x7f
Reported JTAG device ID: 0x9702
Configured for device ID: 0x9702 atmega128
JTAG config complete.

Reading Fuse Bytes:
   Extended Fuse byte -> 0xff
       High Fuse byte -> 0x19
        Low Fuse byte -> 0xff

Thanks, Mark

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