[Tinyos-help] Changing Sampling Rate For BSN

van Best, Chris chris.van.best at medtronic.com
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I have the same problem. Different with me is I'm using a BSN node
running with the OscilloscopeRF program. 
This application refers back to the MSP430 directory (as far as I know).
I changed the apllication slightly so it now samples the ADC3-channel
instead of the internal temperature sensor. 
Now I want to change the sample-rate to 200 Hz. But I have no idea where
I can find the sample rate in the source-code.
Does anyone know where I can find this?


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Hi Jeremiah,


The XMesh apps all have a "appFeatures.h" file that has a constant
defined for the default update rate.


#define XSENSOR_SAMPLE_RATE  20000


This gets passed into the call to start the application timer:

          call Timer.start(TIMER_REPEAT, XSENSOR_SAMPLE_RATE);       


You can change it directly - it is in milliseconds.  The above example
is a 20 second interval.


Note: MOTE-VIEW 1.2 (to be released soon) will allow you to change the
update rate dynamically from the GUI.



Martin Turon  |  Crossbow Technology, Inc.


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Hi all,

I am using a MDA300 with a MICA2 and I am running the Xmesh program on

I am not a programmer, but I need to know how to edit the xmesh program
to change the sampling rate at which the MICA2 takes data from the

If a programmer could tell me what source codes need to be edited and
what numbers need to be changed in the code, I would very much
appreciate it.


-Jeremiah Jazdzewski

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