[Tinyos-help] End-to-end delay in TOSSIM

Pavan E. pavan_edara at iitb.ac.in
Mon Sep 12 12:29:52 PDT 2005


I have been using TOSSIM for quite sometime now and am being bugged
by the following question. Could someone please answer this?

Suppose mote X transmits a message to mote Y via a "multihop" path.
The value of the tos_state.tos_time variable just before the Send by X 
is t1 and
after Receive by Y is t2. Is t2-t1 equal to the end-to-end delay for the 
If not, how does one calculate end-to-end delays for an application that 
has simulated?

The question arises because I suspect that t2-t1 is more related to the 
number of
simulator ticks that occur in between the Send and the Receive rather 
than to
the transmission time (which TOSSIM AFAIK does not model).

Thanks in advance.

Pavan Edara.

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