[Tinyos-help] External flash unresponsive after GoldenImage (Deluge1.0)

Stephen Chao stephenc.chao at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 20:33:36 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Some of my Mica2 motes have become hadicapped after being programmed with 
and rebooted to GoldenImage. What I mean by handicapped is that they still 
function with basic apps such as Blink, but seem to have trouble with 
programs that require the use of external flash. For example, running 
Deluge2.0's FormatFlash leaves the red LED on now, whereas before, the green 
LED would light up a second or two after programming. As for reinstalling 
GoldenImage again, it seems to skip the copying-itself-to-external-flash 
part (no blinking of the yellow and green indicating copying), and instead 
does a normal startup and goes quiet afterwards.

I can't quite pinpoint what exactly causes this; it's happened to 3 out of 
20 motes I've reprogrammed over a span of 2 hours, and I'm somewhat worried 
that the remaining 17 might face the same fate. Any suggestions as to the 
source of the problem would be appreciated; methods for resetting the memory 
or the entire mote to factory settings are also welcome.

Stephen Chao
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