[Tinyos-help] sendDone getting lost

Sumit Rangwala srangwal at usc.edu
Fri Sep 9 15:11:49 PDT 2005

At 9:06am on Sep 9, electrons from Philip Levis conveyed:

> On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 22:38 -0700, Sumit Rangwala wrote:
> > Hi 
> >    I found that under heavy traffic sometime I don't receive 
> > a sendDone after a SendMsg.send(). As I am using QueuedSend 
> > the code breaks as the queue eventually gets full. 
> > 
> > The only case when this can occur is if a high priority 
> > interrupt occurs exactly at the same time when the interrupt 
> > for sendDone is generated.
> > 
> > I observed this long ago with mica2 and now I observe the 
> > same on tmote. I was wondering if this has been solved or if 
> > there are smart work-arounds for it. 
> It sounds like a bug.
> Can you be more specific? Terms like "high priority interrupt" are a bit
> confusing, as the atm128 (mica2) doesn't have interrupt priority levels.

Currently I am working on Tmote so the controller is msp430

> Specifically:
> 1) What version of TinyOS are you using?

CVS version checked out during the last week of July 2005. 
(tinyos 1.1.14)

> 2) What communication stack are you using (GenericComm vs Promiscuous)?


> 3) What interrupt sources seem to cause this problem?

I don't know what causes it. But I verified that a sendDone 
isn't getting called after send. Again this occurs once in 
50,000 send and when the traffic is high enough to saturate 
the network capacity and there is fair amount of traffic on 
the uart/usb too. 

> I know there have been reports of the CC2420 stack issuing *two*
> sendDone events (for which there have been fixes committed), but
> *missing* sendDone events is something else entirely.

My version of the code includes the fixes for the two 
sendDone events problem. 


> Phil

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