[Tinyos-help] MicaZ not supported in 1.1.14?

Gina Upperman upperman at rice.edu
Fri Sep 9 06:11:20 PDT 2005

Hi, all.
For a month, I've used TinyOS 1.1.11 with MicaZ.
I recently installed TinyOS 1.1.14 and when I try to compile it complains as

/opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/../apps/Makerules:335: *** mica mica2 mica2dot pc all 
Usage: make <platform>
            make all
            make clean
            make install[.n] <platform>
            make reinstall[.n/ <platform> # no rebuild of target
            Valid ploatforms are: mica mica2 mica2dot
It seems to me that TinyOS1.1.14 doesn't recognize MicaZ as a valid
Please, help me on this.


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