[Tinyos-help] sendDone getting lost

Sumit Rangwala srangwal at usc.edu
Thu Sep 8 22:38:25 PDT 2005

   I found that under heavy traffic sometime I don't receive 
a sendDone after a SendMsg.send(). As I am using QueuedSend 
the code breaks as the queue eventually gets full. 

The only case when this can occur is if a high priority 
interrupt occurs exactly at the same time when the interrupt 
for sendDone is generated.

I observed this long ago with mica2 and now I observe the 
same on tmote. I was wondering if this has been solved or if 
there are smart work-arounds for it. 


What we hope ever to do with ease, we must 
learn first to do with diligence.  
    Johnson, Samuel 

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