[Tinyos-help] TOS1.1.14 and DelugeBasic

Anderson, Roberta D. Roberta.Anderson at ngc.com
Thu Sep 8 10:53:30 PDT 2005


I keep running into installation problems with DelugeBasic.  I have been
following the Deluge 2.0 Manual and installed Blink and FormatFlash, but
DelugeBasic doesn't install on the three mica2s and one XSM.  I also
tried with different serial cables and programming boards.  I looked
around online and didn't see anyone else with the same situation. The
uisp version is 20030820tinyos, and in compiling FormatFlash I removed
the ByteEEPROM and PageEEPROM files under tos/lib/Flash. I also changed
tools/java/net/tinyos/deluge/Makefile so that "DELUGE_PLATFORM=mica2"
and the CC1000Radio was included.  The command I am using is "make mica2
install,1 mib510,/dev/ttyS0", and I have checked everything is connected

The following error is what I see with one mica2 and the XSM:
Firmware Version: 2.1
An error has occurred during the AVR initialization.
 * Target status:
   Vendor Code = 0xff, Part Family = 0xff, Part Number = 0xff
Probably the wiring is incorrect or target might  be 'damaged'.
Make:**[program_bl] Error 2

The following error is seen with two of the mica2s:
Firmware Version: 2.1
Cannot identify device because it is locked.
Device similar to the ATmega103-old is found.
Uploading: flash
Cannot write high fuse bits on this device.

Any help is appreciated.


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