[Tinyos-help] Debugging on Tmote platform

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US customers can purchase a JTAG adapter directly from Moteiv's website 
using a credit card; if that's not an option, please send email to 
info at moteiv.com. As for the JTAG pod, you can order one from TI; lower cost 
pods are also available from www.olimex.com <http://www.olimex.com>

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On 9/7/05, y-jie at northwestern.edu <y-jie at northwestern.edu> wrote:
> Hi Dongyan,
> I have the same question as you now. Did you get your issue cleaned up? 
> The MSP-FET430UIF is a usb interface debug tool, it has IAR Kickstart 
> software included for debugging if you order it. msp430-gdb only works with 
> parallel port, so you should order parallel interface debugger tool if you 
> want to use it, e.g. MSP-FET430PIF, use it as Jtag pod, and as Tmote Jtag 
> guide said, you need a Jtag adapter as well, where can I buy it? Thanks!
> B.R.
> Yicheng Jia
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