[Tinyos-help] (no subject)

Andrew Cox andrew.cox at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 6 08:46:30 PDT 2005

Everything I say below is based on experience of telosb and tmote sky motes

>The only way to get an output printed on the screen is by entering the
>java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -comm serial at COM4:57600

telos motes have a different message structure defined in a platform
specific AM.h. If you just give the baudrate like this, the default message
structure is assumed and the kind of errors you report are produced.

The following should work:
java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -comm serial at COM4:telos

>I'v replaced 57600 with differend commands and baudrates
>(19600/Telos/Telosb/BSN/....etc) but nothing works for solving the...

Note that this string is case-sensitive, so "telos", not "Telos".

Hope this helps.


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