[Tinyos-help] tinyos-1.1.14 upgrade & Deluge problem

santosh dwivedi dwivedi.g at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 21:46:37 PDT 2005

I was working well with tinyos-1.1.7, but as soon i try to upgrade to 
Ither i get error that Deluge Constant are missing or once it got upgraded 
but couldn't compiled any of program including Blink(make error 255)
now I reinstalled tinyos and cygwin but getting same error.
Below is steps how i am upgrading.
-uninstall tinyos& cygwin 
-install tinyos-1.1.0 
-upgrade cygwin to cygwin-1.2a
-upgrade nesc to nesc-1.2-1.cygwin.i386.rpm
-rpm --force --ignoreos -Uvh tinyos-1.1.14Jul2005cvs-1.cygwin.noarch.rpm
what i missed.
I want to use Deluge 2.0 which is available in 
i am ready to uninstall everything , pls suggest the right way to upgrade to 
1.1.14 and make it working 
Thnaks in advance
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