[Tinyos-help] Deluge Simulation on Tossim

Sriram Rajan sr153 at ra.msstate.edu
Mon Sep 5 10:08:03 PDT 2005

I have read the manual on Deluge and performed the following.

I have implemented the following mechanism with mica2 mote hardware and
the application was transferred completely without hassles. However, I did
not have a similar case with TOSSIM simualtion.

Please review my TOSSIM setup procedure below and let me know if there are
any changes.

I have setup my MOTECOM variable to tossim-serial

$ export MOTECOM=tossim-serial

I have compiled TestDeluge app for pc using 'make pc'.

next I started the simulation with the command

$ tinyviz -simargs "b=1 l=1.0 s=1" -run build/pc/main.exe 10

For booting in one second, real-time and booting with only one mode

In another terminal I again set MOTECOM variable to tossim-serial.
Enabled to run Deluge with component DelugeC included and Main.StdControl
-> DelugeC; and then I compiled the SenseToRfm program for mica2.

Then I attempt to inject this image to the simulator running TestDeluge
using :

$ java net.tinyos.tools.Deluge -i -in 0 -if build/mica2/main.ihex

It shows connected but does not display any progress. The simulator
displays the AM_Address messages with counters updated for the messages
from the injector. However, these messages do not reach the mote 0
connected to simulator using tossim-serial.

Please let me know if I am mistaken.

Thank you.


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