[Tinyos-help] Reliablity - TinyDB - Troubleshooting

Amra Pasic Amra.Pasic at dcu.ie
Mon Sep 5 02:40:16 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am using the TinyDB application and I am experiencing some problems with the network (it is not very reliable). I was wondering what can I use (what application) to see what's actually going on? I was thinking maybe to use the second base station and program it with Listen (net.tinyos.tools.Listen) or maybe TOSBase (with the same group ID) and receive the packets that are sent from the motes to the second base station (all programmed with TinyDB). Would that work? If not, what can I use for troubleshooting?

I noticed that once the motes stop hopping (readings coming back to the base station) they recover only if the disturbance was for a short time. If it is an hour or two, they stop coming back and never recover unless I restart them in TinyDB GUI. Is this supposed to happen or they should recover after longer periods too? What is the best way to see what's going on and what is perhaps causing it? What can I use?

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