[Tinyos-help] A problem about the data types of xlisten's output.

Ethan Chou ethanchou at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 19:53:59 PDT 2005

In the output of xlisten, such as below:
mts310 id=02 vref= 189 thrm=024b light=0358 mic=01d1
       accelX=01e5 accelY=0202 magX=00b2 magY=00b3
MTS310 [sensor data converted to engineering units]:
   health:     node id=2 parent=0
   battery:  = 3186 mv 
   temperature=31.39 degC
   light: = 2665 ADC mv
   mic: = 465 ADC counts
   AccelX: = 700.000000 milliG, AccelY: = 1280.000000 milliG
   MagX: = 24.04 mgauss, MagY: =24.17 mgauss

I know what health, battery and temperature stand for, but I'm not
very clear about what light, mic, AccelX, AccelY, MagX and MagY mean.
So could anyone describe those data types detailedly?

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