[Tinyos-help] Help using float

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Fri Sep 2 14:19:09 PDT 2005

Hopefully someone (else) can direct you to FP libs, but I would
recommend using Fixed Point arithmetic. Given that the sensor
data is 8-10 bits, the accuracy from calculations using 16 bit
ints should be more than enough. I have an example in C filed
in my massively parallel archives someplace if you really need it.


Alessandro Balvis wrote:
> I'm working with a tiny application, in particular I'm trying to 
> implement a FFT on the micaZ. The problem is with the float point 
> operation, I red that the processor doesn't support this kind of data. 
> How can I resolve? It's possible to use some libraries (like, for 
> example, C runtime) in tinyos? Thanks
> Alessandro Balvis
> Centro Ricerche Enel - Pisa - Italy
> balvis at pte.enel.it
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