[Tinyos-help] [Q] Tossim with mobility

Janos Sallai sallai at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Sep 2 11:22:18 PDT 2005

If you're familiar with Matlab and you don't insist on simulating the
_actual_ TinyOS implementation, I would recommend using Prowler for this

To express mobility in Prowler, all you have to do is to introduce
time-dependency in the callback function that returns the node

Prowler can be downloaded from the following URL:

Janos Sallai

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Dear TinyOS gurus,

I have been playing with TOSSIM in an effort to evaluate some algorithms

under mobility and expecting TOSSIM to behave in the same way as ns-2. 
Mobility in Tossim is not an integral part of the original design, 
althouth some mobility can be simulated with Tython.

The problem I found out with TOSSIM/Tython is the lack of recalcuation 
of the link loss probability between two nodes that are moving and 
changing their positions.
Is there any nice solution to this on TinyOS part?

Thanks in advance,
Jai-Jin Lim
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