[Tinyos-help] DMA Interrupt Flag Reset?

Joe Polastre joe at polastre.com
Fri Sep 2 03:18:01 PDT 2005

I posted sample code to the tinyos-msp430 mailing list...



On 9/1/05, Matthew J Whelan <whelanmj at clarkson.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I cannot find any command within the platform/msp430 interfaces to reset the
> DMA interrupt flag for each of the DMA channels.  Does one exist?
> Perhaps that isn't the problem, the issue I am seeing is that the DMA isn't
> operating in repeat mode.  The transferDone event is signaled only once and
> then the DMA transfer stops regardless of repeated requests.  On a related
> note, I am not having any luck using the ADC12IFGx flags to signal the DMA
> transfers, I have only been able to use the DMA software request to signal
> transfers (only 1).  Anyone have any suggestions,
> Thanks,
> Matt 
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