[Tinyos-help] micaZ Power of Receiving signal

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Thu Sep 1 13:16:41 PDT 2005

If you look in types/am.h you will find a few local fields that are
tacked onto the end of each TOSMsg. One of them is "strength" which,
to my surprise, pleasure, and puzzlement, is actually set to the
received message RSSI. I don't think these fields are passed on
to the host over the UART link, so you will probably have to copy
them into your message structure in order to see them.

Angelo Facondini wrote:
> hi
> i'am a italian student.
> I have the micaZ sensor.
> one sensor trasmit a date
> and the second sensor (with gatewai).
> I want know the power that it arrives to the receiver.
> it's possible?
> thanks
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