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Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Thu Sep 1 00:19:35 PDT 2005

TOS is an 'operating system' for micro-controllers which makes
many programming tasks easier. It supplies functionality that
might speed developemnt of sensor based projects because a lot
of the 'extra' stuff, timers and such, are already implemented.
If you don't already have hardware for your controller, it's
worth looking at the Motes.

That said, there is a learning cliff to using TOS that may not
be equivalent to doing a one-off MASM implementation on a PIC.
And porting TOS to your hardware is probably more trouble than
it's worth unless you have a lot of projects to do.


ps...how do you get the cool greek characters on your message?
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Vlasios Tsiatsis wrote:
> Take a look at the schematics on this page.
> http://www.tinyos.net/scoop/special/hardware
> As far as the mica2 node hardware is concerned the 51-pin connector has
> inputs to all the ADC channels that the AVR has and it has several general
> purpose pins for controlling external devices (either GPIOs or I2C or
> serial ports or SPI).
> The TinyOS sotware provides you with some drivers but I think you should
> have to write some of your own input and output drivers for your own
> application. I am pretty sure you can borrow parts of software from the
> TinyOS software repository so in that respect TinyOS saves you some time.
> How can you do ehat you want without a microcontroller ? Where is TinyOS
> going to be running on ? If you have your own interface board with your
> won microcontroller you have to port TinyOS to your system.
> If you prefer to use, say your enhanced PC with
> hardware input/output interfaces then you should probably have to port
> TinyOS to this system as well. . On the other hand it maybe
> easier to use any software that comes with these hardware I/O interfaces.
> SO it depends on what you are want to use. Using the TinyOS hardware wil
> give you TinyOS and its software repository. Using your own hardware will
> be a little bit more involved.
> I hope this helps,
> vlassis
> On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, spyros vassis wrote:
>>Hello!I am trying to find some informations for TinyOS.I have to control a
>>small wind generator.I can do that with a microcontroller.I want to ask
>>you if i can do that, with the TinyOS hardware and software.To be more
>>specific, i want to take some measures from sensors (like
>>frequency,voltage) and programme TinyOS to control my small wind
>>turbine.Can i do that without microcontrollers but only with
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