[Tinyos-help] RE: [Imote] ZvDosFlashTool with port COM5?

Kling, Ralph M ralph.m.kling at intel.com
Thu Mar 31 09:30:45 PST 2005

Hi Clement,

The current Flashtool only support ports 1-4. There is a new one without
this limitation but we haven't checked that in yet. In the meantime, on
a windows machine you can do the following:

Go to Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager
Go to Ports, find your port and click Properties/Port Settings/Advanced
Here you can change your port number. You may have to move another
existing port to a number greater than 4 first, and then assign your USB
serial port a number in the range 1-4.

Good luck,


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This is an imote-specific question.

Imote use the programming tool ZvDosFlashTool.exe for flash

On my computer, my serial port for programming was assigned to COM5,
so I used the command-line switch "-p5", but then the software
complained "Invalid com port (5)".  How can I get around this problem?

On other systems where the com port was assigned to COM3 (-p3) or COM4
(-p4) I did not have the same problem.

My system is a Win2K machine.  The serial port is in fact a USB serial
port using the FTDI Driver.



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