[Tinyos-help] Transparent RS232 connection using motes

Jan Hendrik jhr.rts at iafrica.com
Thu Mar 31 06:50:34 PST 2005

Hi All,

I would like to use two or more motes to connect different UARTs ( i.e. PCs
) together.

The basic functionality should be that the mote should take all messages
that are received on the RS232 Uart, encapsulate it with the active message
header and broadcast ( address 0xFFF ) it to other motes. Similarly the mote
should pass all received radio messages to the Uart ( address 0x007E ). 
( RS232 <-> Uart_mote_1 <-> Rfm_mote_1 <-> Rfm_mote_2 <-> Uart_mote_2 <->
RS232 )

I would like the link to be as transparent as possible, i.e. I would like to
use the RS232 application as is, since I don't have the source code. At the
moment the two RS232 devices communicate over a standard null modem cable.
The TOSBase, TransparrentBase and Transceiver applications all seem to be
designed to work with the Serial Forwarder.  

Am I just using the mote applications wrong, or is there another mote
application already available that would act as transparent RS232-to-RF-to
RS232 link between two RS232-centric applications?

I have tried writing my own application to get some form of transparent
communication going, but at this stage I have only managed to get a
preprogrammed Text message from one mote via RF to another mote and out to
the Uart. I can't seem get a plain text message from the uart of one mote
via RF to another mote. Even though I'll keep on hammering at it until I
succeed ( I have spent about a week working on it since I've received my
micaz motes )
I would like to know if I am trying to reinvent the wheel and if I am
wasting my time. I know that It should be possible 

If I could at least get one-way communication ( RS232 -> Uart_mote_1 ->
Rfm_mote_1 -> Rfm_mote_2 -> Uart_mote_2 -> RS232 ) going that would be a
great start. Any pointers, tutorials, archived Tinyos-help newsletters that
would help me achieve my goal would be very much appreciated.

Where can I get an example of receiving plain text ( without the message
header ) from the uart?
I would the store this text in a buffer and broadcast the buffer via RF.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long post, and thank you in
advance for any help.

Kind regards

Jan Hendrik Rust


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