[Tinyos-help] How can I see the Telos RSSI parameter

Alexandre Sousa ajsousa at fe.up.pt
Tue Mar 29 15:54:41 PST 2005


How can I change the TOSBase.nc to report RSSI and LQI values?
I put some new lines on TOSBase.nc to see the lqi value.
It should toggle the yellow led if the quality of the rf link is low, but I not seeing any good results!

if (Msg->lqi == 0){
      call Leds.yellowToggle();

Can you help me on this?

Many Thanks,
Alexandre Sousa

Check out tos/platform/telos/AM.h. The TOS_Msg for telos is defined there.
You can pick up the RSSI and LQI from the received messages, so a one-line
modification to TOSBaseM.nc is all that's required to report the RSSI. You
could put something like CntToLedsAndRfm on one mote and your modified
TOSBase on another. Then just use tools/java/net/tinyos/tools/Listen to get 
incoming packets and parse out the RSSI.


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>/ Hi,
/>/ I need to make a simple test to understand the capabilities of the CC2420
/>/ RF transceiver.
/>/ I intend to use two motes, communicating each other, and read the Received
/>/ Signal Strength indicator - RSSI.
/>/ Is there any way/apps where I can see the RSSI CC2420 parameter?
/>/ Many Thanks,
/>/ Alexandre
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