[Tinyos-help] program with msp430-bsl via serial multiplexor?

henri dubois-ferriere henridf at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 07:40:25 PST 2005


Has anyone successfully programmed any msp430-based mote (using
msp430-bsl)  across a Digi serial  multiplexor?

We're trying to program a node (shockfish tinynode) via a Digi
etherlite 32 multiplexor, and we get a "bootstrap loader
synchronization error". The serial mux is "mounted" onto a debian box.

When connecting the same node directly to a serial port on the
machine, things work fine. When mounting the digi mux onto a windows
machine, and programming from there, things also work fine...

feedback from anyone who's done this will be very appreciated!


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