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Vlasios Tsiatsis tsiatsis at ee.ucla.edu
Mon Mar 28 15:23:11 PST 2005

The way we decided to do it on mica2 motes was the following. The same
holds for a Telos mote i guess.

We decided to send a broadcast packet with the following info:
Node #1: (x1, y1)
Node #2: (x2, y2)
Node #N: (xN, yN)

The broadcast packet is intended to reach all the node in the network and
each node extracts the coordinates according to its id. For example node
#1 will set its virtual coordinates to (x1, y1). So you need a component
say MyVirtualAddress{} that has an interface to get and set its virtual
address and the broadcast packet handler sets the virtual node

Of course adding new nodes, or nodes crashing will
cause nodes to have invalid virtual coordinate information. So you have to
retransmit this broadcast packet.

i hope this makes sense and helps,

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005, Farzad H. Eskafi wrote:

> Hi,
>    Anybody knows how I can assign a virtual x-y coordinate to each
> telos rev. A mote? Is this even possible. It's ok if I have to
> manually hardcode it into each mote.
> Thanks,
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