[Tinyos-help] Re: wesam from egypt about tinyos

Sabbir Ahmed saag04 at student.bth.se
Mon Mar 28 13:31:51 PST 2005

Hi Wesam

I am also a newbie about TinyOS. As far as I understand the reason we use 
TinyOs for sensors is that the sensors have very limited memory and energy 
resources. So if you want to write code in C you can I guess but I think it 
would be difficult and consume more memory and energy resources. I think that 
is why it is called TinyOs :-) More over with TinyOs you can simulate sensors 
without having a real one. I hope this answers what you have asked.

Good luck with your project.


PS. if any one have any comment about this topic or I have said something 
incorrect plz reply or forward that to wesam. Your comments would be 

Quoting wesam maher <wesamit at yahoo.com>:

> hi
> i am wesam maher
> student in faculty of engineering , ain shams university,egypt
> i have a question to you and hoping that u have time to answer on it
> i am in a project of sensor network and we will use cc2420 in our design and
> i read a lot
> about tinyos but
> what is its benifet?
> cant i use a simple c code instead?
> in another word what will tinyos add to the project?
> thanks for reading
> waiting for reply,
> wesam maher
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