[Tinyos-help] deluge on micaz

amit sabnis amitcsabnis at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 17:50:58 PST 2005

i am trying to run deluge on micaz motes.
In deluge manual, for compiling golden image it is written that we have to write  
make <platform> install,9.
But for micaz I'm using ./image . I am using 2 micaz motes.
so how to assign node numbers in ./image???
i tried with everything
make install.2 micaz
make micaz install,2
mib510=/dev/ttyS0 make install micaz
MIB510=/dev/ttyS0 make install micaz
but i'm getting flash errors everytime...
Please help
Amit Sabnis
Research Group
Cleveland State University

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