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Sandip Bapat bapat.2 at osu.edu
Thu Mar 24 09:40:19 PST 2005


You can find a tar file containing a java runtime for the stargate,
along with a readme that describes how to use the java tools (thanks to
Mahesh Arumugam @ Michigan State), a C version of serialforwarder, and a
jar file that contains the Deluge class files (thanks to Jonathan Hui)
alongwith modified message and other java classes for the stargate
platform (again, thanks to Mahesh) at:


Please let me know if you have any problems using these.

Sandip Bapat
Graduate Research Assistant
Dept of Computer Science & Engineering
The Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210
Tel: 614-6884650 

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Right now I have a shortage of MIB's in my office, but not a shortage
of stargates. I was wondering if anyone had perfected the process of
injecting a new deluge image (not the golden image, a main.ihex) from
a Stargate. Here in our office, we decided to cut our losses, and gave
up on trying to runthe deluge java program from the stargate. does
anyone have any other solution?
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