[Tinyos-help] (powertossim) CPU cycle counting of CC1000RadioIntM code

henri dubois-ferriere henridf at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 06:10:48 PST 2005

Since powertossim reads the assembler from the mica2 binary, and since
this binary uses a different CC1000RadioIntM than the pc binary (ie,
the ones from tos/platform/mica2 and tos/platform/pc/CC1000RadioIntM
respectively), it appears to be currently impossible to get cycle
counts for the CC1000-specific code.

At the same time, though the two CC1000RadioIntM implementations are
different, they do share a large number of blocks, so it should be
possible to get cycle counts at least for those blocks which are
common to both source files.

Has anyone done this, or does anyone have suggestions on how to do
it?? (ideally without resorting to blatant ugly hackery, which is the
only way i can see right now).

thanks for any ideas, 

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