[Tinyos-help] Cygwin Dlls

Ravi Prasad ravi4edu at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 01:41:04 PST 2005


    I am using cygwin for tinyos. I installed
Tinyos1.1.0 in directory C:\tinyos\ and later upgraded
to 1.1.7. I have installed arm-gcc from 
to the directory C:\tinyos\cygwin\arm-gcc\GNUARM
Now the problem starts:
1. When I tried to compile a C program by arm-elf-gcc
it gave error
"The procedure entry point__argz_count could not be
located in the dynamic linked library cygwin1.dll"
2. I replaced C:\tinyos\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll by
C:\tinyos\cygwin\arm-gcc\GNUARM\bin\cygwin1.dll and
also deleted
C:\tinyos\cygwin\arm-gcc\GNUARM\bin\cygwin1.dll . Now
the program compiled if I compiled it from the
directory C:\tinyos\cygwin\arm-gcc\GNUARM\bin. From
other directory it gave error 
"The procedure entry point
libconv_set_relocation_prefix could not be located in
the dynamic linked library cygiconv-2.dll".
**At this point the uisp command to uplaod a program
started hanging indefinetly.

3. Finally I moved all dll in
C:\tinyos\cygwin\arm-gcc\GNUARM\bin\ to
C:\tinyos\cygwin\bin\. Now I can compile from any
place but uisp still hangs.

Can any one please suggest the exact way of using dlls
 so that I can use the arm-gcc as like avr-gcc in


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