[Tinyos-help] Web-Based Forum?

Philip Levis pal at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 22 00:17:45 PST 2005

On Mar 21, 2005, at 1:11 PM, Andy Dalton wrote:

> Kristin,
> One extremely successful example of a site using the software I 
> suggested
> in the original email is the Gentoo Linux forums:  
> http://forums.gentoo.org/
> With 80,645 registered users and 2,173,475 posts (as of this mail), 
> it's an
> invaluable resource for beginners as well as experts working with 
> Gentoo.
> With topics divided into different 'forums,' users can easily search 
> for
> information based on a topic.  Moderators can also move posts between
> forums in the event that a discussion is better categorized in a 
> different
> fashion.  A moderator can also make a topic 'sticky' so that it always 
> appears
> at the top of a given forum, e.g. a discussion that would be 
> particularly
> helpful to many people searching for information in that area.
> I could imagine you could have forums like 'Installing TinyOS,' 'nesC
> Questions', '<hardware platform> Development,'  'Using Deluge,' etc...

This sounds like a great idea.



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